Every garden needs maintenance.  People are often impatient at the beginning of a garden's construction, because they want the finished look immediately. We say that it's a three stage process: first plants sleep, then creep, then leap. The first year you just need to let plants grow. Judicious and light pruning is usually needed after a year. However by the second year, if the plants and trees and hedges have flourished, they need regular attention to keep the right proportions. 




You can see in the background here how the trees are staked. The planting below has begun but is not yet optimal. 

(Wayne is seen here cutting tiles for the outdoor area, a complex job due to three drainage areas.)



Two years on and the ficus trees are lush and full. The plants underneath have grown to create a marvellous setting for the buddha statue.

At this stage the pleached trees need regular pruning twice a year to keep them full and tidy. 


Another example of pleached trees that will need regular trimming to keep their look clean and proportional. 


So if your garden needs preparation, mulching, fertilising, pruning, weeding, pest control, or replanting, contact us. Garden maintenance is like keeping your car tuned up - it needs to be done regularly, and then everything works better. Regular pruning, feeding and cleaning will keep your garden looking great.  


If you need other services such as removal of plant material or waterblasting, we can do that as well.